Alan Mowbray Jr Update


February 18, 2020 by beach-chair

You may or may not know that Alan’s wife died on November 26 2019. She had a brief battle with ovarian cancer and died just after being admitted to the ICU.

Alan continues to live in Luquillo PR and is working to get back to his blog

Alan Mowbray Jr and his son Michael in December 2019

.  I am helping him to get there but we are running into snags.  Pam, Alan’s wife, kept records of many passwords to websites and the like.  Now to try to get through those!


In the meantime, write to Alan at his e-mail: or give him a call.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.


One thought on “Alan Mowbray Jr Update

  1. Russell Cabeen says:

    Great hearing from you old friend but sorry to hear about Pam. Our road is about 80 years long, let’s keep on going! Your friend, Russ Cabeen 🤠

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