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at the author’s desk

Many years ago, when my father was attending the Hollywood premiere of one of his many movies, a reporter asked him what his children wanted to be when they grew-up. He replied “My daughter wants to be an actress and singer.”

“What are you doing about that?” the reporter queried.  “I’m paying for her to take acting and singing lessons,”.

“What about your son?”

“He says he wants to be a writer,” dad responded. “And how have you helped him with that?” the reporter asked.  “I gave him a pencil”

Since then, although that pencil is long gone, I have been trying my darnedest to justify my father’s investment in my future…

Alan Mowbray Jr. lives with his wife Pamela in Puerto Rico – ” Looking down at the Atlantic Ocean from our balcony with the rainforest’s foothills at our front door” -‘The Trees of El Yunque’ is his fourth book – in addition to his two biographical efforts and two natural history books, his recent publications include essays, technical papers and magazine articles, as well as numerous writings for the El Yunque National Forest website and in-depth coverage of the vital, multi-agency recovery program for the highly endangered Puerto Rican Parrot for Dr. Jane Goodall’s ‘Hope For Animals’ project.

For a list of Alan’s books available at Amazon.com, click here.

11 thoughts on “About the author

  1. fel says:

    That is quite a good and funny introduction to your blog. I hope there is more of that witty and fun-natured stories in the near future.

  2. Craig Brown says:

    Howdy Alan – I have “found you” care of Bob Foote. I am sure that you will remember the fun we had with Freedom Charters in 1983 (I think it was ’83). I recall that you were a pilot in the Korean War. Anyway Alan, you were a great “boss” and I would like to re-connect with you. I am still sailing having returned 2 weeks ago from a 3 month voyage on a 42ft sailboat to Antarctica. I own a business called Southern Ocean and we manufacture waterproof clothing for sailors.

    I look forwrd to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Craig Brown

  3. Craig says:

    I am pleased to have “found”you Alan. Now I need to get one or two of your books on amazon!

  4. Hello Mo,
    We knew each other along with Nick Nichols back in the late fifties…I have thought about you
    over the years and i am very sorry that we lost touch with each other,..I should not have let
    that happen and i very much regret that and apologize to you…I am very glad that you are
    still around and being married and writing and doing deeds,etc.
    Wishing you all the best, sincerely, Jerry Eisenberg

  5. Hi Alan,

    you’ll remember me, Mort Durham with whom you served in Pyongtaek, Korea only a few months after the end of the Korean War. I still have photos of us taken with school students in the village, and one taken of Each of us on the side of a big cow. I captioned that photo “Alan and I with our First Sergeant.” Great fun with you in those days!

    Best regards, Mort Durham

  6. Joe Vecchione says:

    Hi Alan … I was one of the USAF actors who toured military bases in the U.S., Asia and Europe in your Father’s stage play “Flameout” during the Korean War. As I recall, you were serving in the Air Force at the same time. I’m wondering if there are any memorabilia— photos, programs, write ups etc. that might be available now. Your Dad was such fun, and a wonderful guy. I visited him later, when he was doing “Enter Laughing,” in New York. I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Barbara Eckrich Rocque says:

    Alan, I have tried reaching out. Certainly hope all is well with you.

  8. keithphucas says:

    I, too, have been trying to reach Alan since shortly after Hurricane Maria. Alan served in Korea and Condon, Oregon with my father, Basil A. (“Bill”) Phucas. I did exchange emails with Alan in 2013, but I have been unable to contact him in 2017 to the present day.

    Keith Phucas
    Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

    • Joseph Damery says:

      Hi Alan, I too served at K6 near P’yongtaek, as a USAF air tic Controller assigned to, the U S Marines at that Location in October 1954 into late November of 55… The Usaf did all Air-tfc Controlling In the Entire-Korean-Location… I trained like YOU at Keesler in the same Training-Squadron… We knew each other only Slightly, living in the same Barrack-bldg…… Decided not to follow ATC for a Civilian-Living; but instead became a Telephone-Installer for MA-BELL who then controlled the entire USA… I lasted for 43 Years as the System slowly became Undone, under the BELL Name… Now at age 91, collect my Monthly-Pension, and consider myself One Lucky Guy. ALL BEST WISHES from just West of BOSTON… I’m a widower w/ 3 grown Children all brought up here in Bedford.. yours, Joe Damery

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