Parents, grandparents and kids of all ages, please take note!

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The Day It Rained Frogs In The Forest, my long overdue children’s picture book is now available at — and, you can have it in your hands for a mere $10.40 plus postage. A very economical holiday bargain!

This 8.5 x 8.5 inch, 36 page book, with dazzling full-color illustrations opposite each story page, is a ‘picture-perfect’ story to read to youngsters.

As they listen while you tell them about the zany adventures of Kiko and Koko, two rainforest tree frog ‘brothers’, they will also be exposed to some basic (non-controversial) fun-facts about the fascinating biology, habits and habitat of these amazing tropical rainforest ‘critters’.

at the author's desk

at the author’s desk

As has been my practice with previous tropical rainforest-themed books, I derive no profit from sales of ‘The Day It Rained Frogs In The Forest’ – , any royalties accrued by sales of this book through Eastern National bookstore locations in National Forests and National Parks on the Island, will go directly to the El Yunque National Forest’s general fund, to support trail maintenance and similar projects to help ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable tropical forest adventure.

Royalties accrued from sales of the book through will accumulate in a separate fund that will help in a small way to cover tuition and other expenses incurred by the book’s amazing teenage illustrator, Omar Sebastian Gutierrez, as he begins his freshman year of studies at a prestigious art school in Georgia next fall — both are extremely worthwhile causes, as I trust you’ll agree.

To order a copy (or two), please click


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